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Benefits of outsourcing

I. Reduced costs: Process of Software Development Life Cycle starting from System Analysis till User Acceptance Test (UAT) that are complicated in nature, but the size of your company is preventing you from performing it at a consistent and reasonable cost, is another advantage of outsourcing. Overhead costs of performing a such tasks are extremely high. Consider outsourcing those functions which can be moved easily to an outsourcing company.

II. Increased resource pool: Recruiting, developing and retaining highly qualified software development staff can be a continuous and major headache. The vagaries of supply and demand can mean you have to overpay to find the right mix of staff for a project. Furthermore, when the project ends, what do you do with them then? Highly specialised staff will require expensive retraining for them to be used on other projects, all of which leads to increased costs. By partnering with a specialist software development outsourcing company this headache is removed at a stroke. You do not have to bother about finding staff with the right skills as your partner will already have them on board. Furthermore, their experience of having worked on many different types of project will be invaluable in ensuring the success of your venture.

III. Scalability and flexibility in project ramp up and ramp down: The resource requirements of a software development project can change greatly over its life. Being able to turn on or off extra resource to meet these demands would be an ideal situation but is rarely, if ever possible in the commercial world. Adding staff takes time and money and needs to be planned well ahead, something that is not always possible if market or customer demands change quickly. Reducing staff involves retraining or at worse job cuts, with the attendant costs not to mention the damage to the reputation of your company as a good employer. By partnering with a specialist outsource software development company you will be able to draw on their increased pool of professionals to rapidly increase headcount to meet unforeseen or planned additional demand. Similarly you can quickly reduce headcount without having to bother about the impact on staff, as they will be reassigned onto other projects. This scalability and flexibility is particularly advantageous when projects are starting and ending. Here, despite intense planning it is not always possible to accurately gauge the exact staff levels you will require.

IV. Reduced risk: A few years ago the Standish Group reported that over 80% of software projects are unsuccessful because they are over budget, late, missing function, or a combination of these factors. Furthermore 30% of projects are so poorly executed that they are cancelled before completion. These are frightening statistics that represent millions of pounds lost for all types and size of company. The need to reduce the risks is obviously of paramount importance for any company undertaking a software development project. By partnering with a specialist outsource software development organisation these risks can be greatly reduced due to their mature processes and experience of working on different types of projects.

V. Better support: The requirement for software manufacturers to provide high‐quality technical support on their products is a resource‐hungry and costly necessity. For many organisations this will require them to take expensive development staff off front‐line work to deliver the necessary level of support. This not only prevents them from working on revenue generating projects but can also lead to morale problems with the staff themselves. By partnering with a specialist outsource software development company that understands technical support requirements, your developers are free to work on projects that maximise revenue streams. Calls will be handled by experienced and trained staff that understand the technologies and applications and will provide the high level of service your customers expect.

VI. Quality: A high quality end product is a given for any software development project. Delivering consistent quality requires product management and development processes that have been refined and expanded over many years. Obtaining this level of expertise and experience does not come easily or cheaply and as a result many software development projects suffer. Quality needs to be embedded in the project from the start not tagged on as an afterthought. That is why partnering with a specialist outsource software development company can help ensure project and product quality. Their experience, processes, highly‐skilled staff and project management expertise all combine to ensure success.

VII. Improved time to market: There are times when a window of opportunity means that a software product has to be brought to market more quickly than originally anticipated. This will require additional resource quickly to achieve. In normal circumstances recruiting extra staff would be impossible with the time constraints but an outsource software development company can provide these additional staff to meet the new deadlines and ensure the opportunity is not missed.

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