At Timeous we take a focused, determined, and winning approach to information technology consulting. We listen to your technology needs, we visualize your goals, and then we use industry-leading consultative methods to come up with custom software solutions specific to your needs. We ensure the success of your projects through our comprehensive services, flexible delivery models, technical expertise, and our desire to deliver exceptional software solutions for your business.

Up until recently, developing or maintaining custom software applications with the help of a software outsourcing partner delivered a competitive advantage by producing quality results for low cost. However, focus on strategic software outsourcing has now shifted from just realizing cost savings to realizing maximum efficiency and improving IT performance. Keeping that in mind, we offer delivery models that prove to be cost-effective as well as highly efficient.

We understand that every business and every software project is unique. That is why we use the software development methodologies that fit best for your type of organization and your project. We offer flexible service models based on your organization's structure and project team requirements.

Core Timeous Team has many years experience of handling outsource software development projects for both independent software vendors and end user companies. Our approach has been honed over many years and enables us to overcome many problems.

Unrealised cost savingswe charge a fixed price per person per month for the duration of the project. This ensures there are no surprises  and takes care of all infrastructure, communications, travel and cultural training costs. It also includes the costs for starting up the project.
Loss of productivitywe have extremely low staff turnover, this means that our staff are highly experienced and require little time to familiarise themselves with your business and its software requirements. We also work closely with your staff during the life of a project to ensure that morale is not affected.
Poor commitment and communicationsour BD/Marketing staff at Timeous do not disappear once the contract has been signed, they are always available to deal with any concerns. Ensuring an effective communication, in every our contract/agreement the contact detail of our top management is clearly mentioned. Additionally to ensure a successful interaction between the client, our BD/Marketing staff, our software development team & testing team we use a third party tool as common transparent platform. This facilitates ease of communication for team events, such as the daily SCRUM meeting. The tool is monitored randomly by the top management very closely & frequently.
Cultural differencesall staff at our software development centre in India are fluent in writing and speaking English. Also being in India-a mixed culture society, they are comfortable with suggesting more efficient alternatives that will improve your software.
Lack of outsource expertise and readinessour on-boarding process is designed to iron out issues and establish a way of working that will ensure you gain the maximum benefit from outsourcing your software development project. Timeous has developed proven software development, project management and quality assurance methodologies that ensure successful client engagement on all projects no matter what the size and location. Our approach to development projects is adapted from PRINCE2 Project Management and best practice processes and methodologies. We start with a comprehensive requirements analysis phase from which our findings enable us to develop and deliver a solution that meets our client’s exact needs. The solution is then supported and/or hosted by a team of highly qualified developers and support engineers, Qualified in various technologies as well as PRINCE2 project management.

Customer Speak

"Perfection is the best policy. This mantra perfectly suits Timeous's team members" - Ajay Oberoi, M.D, Avees's Product India, India.

"We were impressed with Timeous and their wealth of experience in the system architecture." - Ramesh Nair, Executive Director, F-TEC Skill Development, India.

"Timeous has been a great partner for us in advancing our online functionality and communications." - Steve, COO, Norsk Klaer, Norway.

"Over the past two years Timeous has provided exceptional service in complex systems for automating our process" - Rajeev Agarwal, CEO, Argentum Ltd, India.

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