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Online Examination System

Our Online Examination System is a complete Exam management solution, where any person with basic knowledge of computers can author e-exam paper, schedule multiple e-exams, deliver it across locations and generate instant result & meaningful analysis. This is completely web enabled and can also be accessed on an S-a-a-S or cloud on per exam basis i.e. without any investment in Servers or IT infrastructure by the institute except PCs and Internet. We have instructionally optimized the system enabling learners to focus on answering questions than on unimportant activities like figuring out software interface, locating unattempted questions and time reminders etc, which are automated by our system. The interface is customizable as well to adapt to exam interface as offered by CAT and other competitive exams, so as to simulate real examination environment. It has a robust architecture to ensure success and special features are added to ensure efficient working even in unforeseen case of power failure etc. where in the system maintains session details during power failure and allows the examiner to start exam for the same session.

Timeous’s Online Examination System is test management software to create and conduct online examination. It is a very powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software and is available at a very affordable price.

The pressure to perform well in exams is ever-increasing. So, how can students get an edge, in such a competitive scenario? So if you run a training institute, you cannot get a better testing partner than Timeous. Our Online Examination System is designed to accommodate even the most complex workflows of online assessment, therefore yielding highly simulated test environment to enable your students to steer their preparation in the most accurate direction.

Preparing for a test isn't easy, and most test takers have some sort of test anxiety as they prepare. Standardized tests always given us a sense of dread, even when we are adequately prepared and know we can do well. Through high school, college, and then graduate school, the tests seemed to only get more complicated and more important. Preparing for the next difficult standardized test became a way of life, for us Timeous’s Online Examination does exactly that for you.

This Online Examination Application provides facility to conduct online examination worldwide. It saves time as it allows number of students to give the exam at a time and displays the results as the test gets over, so no need to wait for the result. It is automatically generated by the server. Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the test papers and its particular questions. User can register, login and give the test with his specific id, and can see the results as well.

Our Online Examination Solution has exam parameters remain fully editable and results can be viewed in tabular and graphic formats. Images (i.e. map / photo) or documents (i.e. word, excel, pdf) can be incorporated into exam questions or the exam introduction. Questions are presented in a random sequence. Composite exams can be created that take questions from different other exams in a class. A history is maintained of how often questions are answered right, wrong or skipped.

Salient Features of Our Online Examination Solution:

Dynamic Exam Creation.
Indivual User Profile with exam upgrade and modify solution.
Score reports with category wise scoring.
Save your scores for later review.
Exam level / State Level and Country Level Rankings.


Question Data Bank – To create and maintain all the questions in the form of a catalogue.
Examiner Console – To generate, download question papers for the scheduled tests based on the registration information available, conduct tests and upload results into central databases.
Candidate Console – To take the Online test.
Reports – To generate various statistical, summary and detailed reports on the tests.
Admin – To create & maintain users, define user roles, to generate question papers, publish report, System Access rights and various system parameters.



Student across the globe can attend the Exams.
Time saving.
Candidate Console – To take the Online test.
Less anxiety as the results can be known quickly.
Paper less exam.
Exams Can be Conducted Globally.
Easy & Quick Question Paper generation.
Hassle free Frequent Exam conduction.
Saves Time & Money.


Multiple choice questions.
True-False type questions.
Add pictures & videos to the questions.
Question bank with unlimited questions.
Easy to use WYSIWYG editor.
Categorize questions.
Import questions from EXCEL.
Additional question types.
Question paper/Test interface Completely web based.
Secure & password protected.
Time based.
Random questions.
Section by section tests.
Instant results.
Negative marking.
Administration control Automated grading.
Set unlimited exams.
Add/import students.
Basic reports.
Group students.
Control number of attempts for tests.
Advanced/custom reports.

Customer Speak

"Perfection is the best policy. This mantra perfectly suits Timeous's team members" - Ajay Oberoi, M.D, Avees's Product India, India.

"We were impressed with Timeous and their wealth of experience in the system architecture." - Ramesh Nair, Executive Director, F-TEC Skill Development, India.

"Timeous has been a great partner for us in advancing our online functionality and communications." - Steve, COO, Norsk Klaer, Norway.

"Over the past two years Timeous has provided exceptional service in complex systems for automating our process" - Rajeev Agarwal, CEO, Argentum Ltd, India.

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