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APT A College & School Management System

A college Management System is a Resource Planning Software for College, Institution & University. Timeous’s College Management System is an interactive, unparallel and comprehensive College/Institution Management Software that covers each and every entity of Colleges & Institutions.

Once the customer buys our software then he does not need to have any other software. The added advantage of our software is that it is very cost-effective as compared to other College/Institution software and it is having much more features comparing to its competitors.

It is seamlessly scalable, error free, easy to use and implement having an user friendly interface. This is not only a cost saving measure but also adapts to changes very quickly. Users with little computer knowledge can use this software very easily.

Our prime motto is to make the technology an asset for a College/Institution/University in a smarter way not a liability.

With Timeous’s our College Management System all the stakeholders of the College/Institution can communicate with each other very easily. Basically there are 4 stakeholders in colleges: Administrative, Teachers, Parents, and Students. Each one has their own involvement in the day to day activities of the college.

Before we start the process for any college or Institutions of any size, we conduct a thorough study to figure out the optimum format;

Why need for the college management system.
How the end user benefit it.
Appropriate selection of components available.
Feasible study for how to present the report.
Appropriate technologies to be used.

 This College Management System covers all the basic administrative requirements of any educational institution, such as student profiles, attendance, academics, fee management, exams management, staff management, Time Table Preparation, Leave and Payroll Processing, inventory, Hostel, Library & many more.

The Software equipped with all the advanced features like Attendance Management System integrated with fingerprint identification/RF Card and all the modules seamlessly integrate with communication system for email & SMS.

Salient Features Module wise of our College Management System:

Online Student Enquiry Management: An enquiry form is integrated with colleges/Institution’s website, where aspirants after enquiring about the course modules & fee structures can download the prospectus or online Admission Form by filling his/her required detail & making the payment of prospectus amount online.
Admission Management: Short Listing of candidates on the basis of Admission Enquiry, Roll no. generation, Course Allocation, ID card / Library Card Generation.
Fees Management: Setting Fee Master, Fee Categories, Scholarship Master, Online/Offline Fees Collection, One time/ Instalments Payment, Concessions, Hostel Fees, Transport Fees, Mess Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, Late Fees/ Fines, Refunds and Settlements, Student Ledgers, Collection Forecasts and Reports, Receipts, regular SMS & E-mail Alerts on dues, Payments as well as Receipts. Integration with Student, Parent and Management, Dashboards, Multi-point access with Net Banking integration.
Hostel Management: Modules for Category based rooms/bed allocation Check in/Checkout, Hostel Attendance Report Facility, provision to maintain Disciplinary Logs, Mess Management, Daily Attendance, and Alerts Notices & Reports.
Transport Management: Modules for Route Management, Distance/Area based fees set up, Bus Schedules/ Timetables, Fees Collection, User Lists and Reports, Vehicle Management, Driver Information, Vehicle Allocation. Different reports can be generated for Users, Parents and Management.
Student Attendance Management: Module covers management of Student Attendance & includes Theory, Practical & Clinical Posting Attendance. Network based Biometric/RFID interface. Manual Attendance inputs are also available. Real time class to class/ daily/ weekly/ monthly/ semester/ yearly reports available. Daily SMS and E-mail Alerts on attendance short falls for both subject wise and average attendance for different stakeholders. Real time reports on student/ parent/ faculty/ management dashboards. Customized reports * can be generated for faculty/ management/ university requirements. Module can be integrated with fees management or exam management modules for setting up different permissions. Soft or hard reports can be generated in a number of different formats (.doc, .xml, .csv, .pdf, .xls). Data can be mined on different parameters for individual / class/ year/ college.
Designation & Hierarchy Management: Organization Chart based Hierarchal setup. Designation and Role Based access. Rights and Privileges Management.
University/ College/ Department setup module: University details setup. One/Multiple college setup within single installation. Course/ Subject wise department setup. Department wise HOD/ Faculty/ Non teaching staff setup. Inter department/ Inter college communication platforms available. Designation and Role Based access is available for department/ faculty information.
Academic Calendar Management: Academic Calendar setup module manages the various academic events such as Academic Year Start and End Date definition, Semester/Year based assignments, Regular/Odd batch creation, and College Timings and Working Days setup.
Student Information Records System: SIRS comprehensive details are captured on student profile. Address, contact numbers, email ids, recent photograph /past academic records are maintained. Integration with Admission, Fees, Library, Hostel and Transport, Attendance, Exam, Result modules is available. Ability to generate ID Cards, Library Cards. Role based access and reports available for different departments.
Employee Information Records System: EIRS comprehensive details are captured on Faculty/Employee profile. Address, contact numbers, email ids, recent photograph /past academic and work experience records are maintained. Integration with Joining, Library, Hostel and Transport, Attendance, HR, Leave Management, Payroll and Account Modules is available. This module can generate ID cards and Library Cards. Role Based access and reports are available for different departments.
Management Information System: Dashboard based MIS module provides integrated access to SIRS, FEIRS, Leave Management System (Both Employees and Students), Attendance Records, Fees Management and Information System and Reports. Exam and Result Management System, Complaint Management System. Notices and Alerts Systems, Unhandled/ Abeyance session reports. Holiday/ Vacation Calendar and many others. Pre-formatted and customized reports can be generated for any of the above. Mass e-mail/ alerts facility is built in with the option to create different mailing groups. Approval/ Decision making work flows related to different modules are also embedded within the dashboard.
Timetable Management: Master Time Table Setup, Department Time Table Setup, Class Room Setup, Period Timings, Break/Recess, Vacation definition. Also provides faculty allocation, substitute faculty allocation. Integrated with Dashboards of all relevant stakeholders. Reports available Theory/Practical/Clinical Postings on class/ year/college basis. Can be customized for weekly/monthly/ semester/ yearly setups.
SMS/IVRS/E-mail Alerts: Relevant modules like Attendance, Fees, News & Events, Complaint Management, and Exam & Results can be fully integrated with SMS/IVRS/e-mail alert services. A separate setting module is available for activation/ deactivation and delivery frequency setup for SMS/e-mail.
Greeting Management: Birthday/Anniversary Management module manages the birthday of the students/Faculty. The list of Student/Faculty who have their Birthday/ Anniversary on a given date is displayed on the Dashboards of all the stakeholders. Automated system based greetings can be setup for the top management. All other users can send greetings through the Dashboard.
News & Events Management: Role based access to create and upload News and Events related to the Campus. The same is fully integrated with Dashboard of all the stakeholders. Archives are maintained for every published event.
Student Leave management: Online Leave Application facility for parents and students. Spontaneous Request to the concerned authorities for consideration. Status is updated and archives maintained on all relevant stakeholder dashboards.
Faculty Attendance & leave management: Biometric/ RFID based staff attendance fully integrated with Timeous’s College Management System for better staff allocation and management. Facility for online leave application and approvals. Status updated on relevant dashboards. Facility for integration with HR MIS and payroll applications.
Exam Management: Course/ Semester/ Year wise Exam schedule setup, result classification setup and Exam Result announcement on individual Student Dashboard.
Classroom Management: Classroom Master Setup of Lecture Hall, Seminar Hall, Lab which can be integrated with Student/ Faculty online attendance module. Course/ Semester/ Year wise Class Room Grouping Setup.
Subject Management: Subject Category (Theory, Practical, Clinical) setup, Course/ Semester/ Year/Department wise Subject Master Setup.
Faculty Allocation: Timeous’s College Management provides facility to allocate faculties for respective subjects as per timetable, allocation of substitute faculty on the event of leave, approval of abeyance session and report on unhandled sessions.
Placement Management: Timeous’s College Management System provides a paper-less placement process. Information about participating companies will be available online to students and students will be able to apply to companies online and view their status along with links to websites of companies. Companies will be able to search and view student profiles, job applications, and schedule placement activity, prior to campus visits.
Alumni Management: Alumni are the real brand ambassador of any college, so keeping touch with them is as important as your current students. So we have an Alumni Management module helps in building virtual alumni community and quality interaction between the institute and its alumni. Module features include discussion forums, exchange, donation opportunity & placement etc.
Mass e-mail and e-mail group Management: Timeous’s College Management System provides facility to send mass e-mail to all or in groups.

Our College Management System can address following Education sectors:

Schools and colleges.
Professional Colleges.
Coaching Institutes.


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"Perfection is the best policy. This mantra perfectly suits Timeous's team members" - Ajay Oberoi, M.D, Avees's Product India, India.

"We were impressed with Timeous and their wealth of experience in the system architecture." - Ramesh Nair, Executive Director, F-TEC Skill Development, India.

"Timeous has been a great partner for us in advancing our online functionality and communications." - Steve, COO, Norsk Klaer, Norway.

"Over the past two years Timeous has provided exceptional service in complex systems for automating our process" - Rajeev Agarwal, CEO, Argentum Ltd, India.

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