Our Methodology

The two main reasons clients outsource software development services are the comparatively high cost of in-house development, or a lack of key competences needed for a specific IT solution. In recent years, dozens of outsourcing companies have sprung up to attend to a fast-growing demand that barely existed just a generation ago.

We are constantly improving our quality systems to reflect international best practices in quality management, resulting in proven business effectiveness and efficiency. Our open-minded approach to business process management provides objective information about its effectiveness and helps us identify development areas.

Our key differentiators

  A set of delivery models to suit any client, all overseen by our local teams of local professionals at client’s country & location.
  Our advanced models give our clients the advantage of proactive and flexible two-way collaboration that is essential to the success of any software engineering project.
  First-rate frameworks for quality, project and process management guarantee our clients reliable, predictable processes with no unpleasant surprises. 97% of Timeous's clients return to Timeous time and time again.
  Delivery Models
  Quality Management ( Internal Standards)
  Delivery Management
  Project Management ( Internal Standard)
  Process Management ( Waterfall Model)
  Security and privacy
  Physical security and infrastructure
  Information security
  Legal awareness
  Unlimited people potential


Customer Speak

"Perfection is the best policy. This mantra perfectly suits Timeous's team members" - Ajay Oberoi, M.D, Avees's Product India, India.

"We were impressed with Timeous and their wealth of experience in the system architecture." - Ramesh Nair, Executive Director, F-TEC Skill Development, India.

"Timeous has been a great partner for us in advancing our online functionality and communications." - Steve, COO, Norsk Klaer, Norway.

"Over the past two years Timeous has provided exceptional service in complex systems for automating our process" - Rajeev Agarwal, CEO, Argentum Ltd, India.

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